Our horses

Our Horses
HORSES The common word for “horse” in greek is the compound word “a-logo” which may mean “without speech”.. . such a clever animal that the only thing missing is the ability to speak..

The Ziogases and horses are so closely united. Their first horse,Yohan, was an Arabian stallion. After that, there have been more horses! Many more horses! Local ones, imported ones, race horses, jumpers, half-bred, hot-tempered ones, coldblood, warmblood, tall, short ones … All horses are great as long as we treat them with trust and respect!

In Ziogas Western Cityyou will not find the perfect stables or any luxury, you will not see us obey every equine rule. We have no intention of breeding champion horses, we are not interested in their figure, their discipline, the observation of every rule or the improvement of your riding skills. If all the above is what you are looking for, perhaps, you should turn to other places.. However, if you are seeking to explore the real world of horses, then visit us to spare yourselves some harmful and unpleasant surprises. InZiogas Western City we have come to think like horses do since it can’t be the other way round and so, we treat them in the best possible way.
For these reasons, and many more, our horses trust us. Dolly,Dora, Kate, Marx, and30 more horses are happy here and this is certainly obvious!!!!