Zoo Park

In Black Hills, the county of St George’s hill one more city developed, named Z-Deadwood City.

It was in 1870 when General Caster attacked Black Hills. The rumour that gold was found spread rapidly and many people were attracted by the idea. There was a problem, however. Black Hills belonged to the Indians Lakota and it was a sacred place for them. It was a place of worship and prayer. No white man could enter there, so the place developed as an “outlaw place” with no legislation and no recognition by the American government. The town soon attracted more than 5.000 residents and was named Deadwood City after the dead, rotten trees of the area. Well-known adventurers arrived there heading for easy money making, such as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Bullok, Montana and so on.

The town became famous mainly because of the death of Wild Bill Hickokthat took place in saloon Number 10 while he was playing poker.

Nowadays, Western City Z-Deadwood hosts a beautiful zoo park.

n saloon Number 10 where Wild Bill Hickok died live geese.

In Mr Wu’s butcher’s turkeys quackendlessly waiting for their turn to… shop…

In the undertaker’s shop Ludovick II, and Isobel and the rest of the sheep bleat happily because business is good

In the barber’s shop male goat Bill is waiting for his…goatee to be trimmed and Calamity, the female goat is swearing incessantly.

In the “White Rabbit” music hall-to-be the rabbits help out with the construction by digging burrows.

Bolec and Lolec run non-stop all around us chasing and checking out anything that moves, the horses, the cars, even your shade.

You can feed our animals as long as you give them natural products.

You can play with the rabbits of the White Rabbit Music Halland hold them so you get pictures with them.

In doctor’s Silver surgery thehens come and go in and out the labor rooms while the roosters are responsible for the protection of the offspring and attack anyone who attempts to approach.

In O.K. Corral thecalves are so scared expecting Sheriff White Herp and his brothers.

Orson and Wells, the pig couple are looking at your hands expecting you to feed them.