About horse riding

About horse riding
Horse riding creates a sense of freedom which is rare to find in other sports. So, the time has come to try it out. There is no reason to worry whether you are experienced or not. Apostolos will reveal the secrets of horsemanship: how to control a horse, how to maintain your balance on the horse and more
Fotini, Christos, Babis who are very experienced trail leaders, will help you act on your impulses on the horses. Use your legs to hold tight on the horse and embark on your adventure. We climb up on the hills, we pass through the woods while being whipped by the branches and twigs of the trees; we gallop on the safest parts of the trail and there is nobody ever wanting this magnificent adventure to end. The duration of the trail will depend on you and your skills.
There are plenty of routes to Ziogas Western City, for begginers and experience riders...

Around the ranch trail about 5 - 10 minutes, 5€

Around the hills trail about 20 minutes, 12€

St. George trail about 40 minutes, 15€

Peukakia trail about 50 minutes, 20€

Ksefoto trail about 60 - 70 minutes, 25€

Dasaki trail about 80 minutes 30€

kartere trail about 1,5 - 2 hours 35€

Melanthio trail about 2,5 - 3 hours 45€

The fact that there has been a shortage of free style riding horses has incited the Ziogas family to take up their breeding so as to meet the Ziogas Western City needs, at first, but then, in order to satisfy the increasing demand of free style riding lovers who seek horses of good character and behavior as well as strong backs and legs.

The constituents are: love, patience, persistence and trust. This is the justifyof success in order to breed well behaved horses of good character.

In Ziogas Western City we have foals for sale which will fulfill the most demanding expectations of free style riding lovers