Western Store

Influenced by the wild and independent spirit of Crazy Horse, chief of Lakota we named our western general store of Ziogas Western City, “Crazy Horse”. In this store you will find anything that might be of interest to a horse lover and to anyone who loves the wild free way of living of the Indians and Cowboys. Shirts, hats, Stetsons, boots, gloves, scarves, T-shirts, belts, buckles, ornaments, gifts, furniture, charms and more..

When you think of a cowboy, his stetson speaks volumes of him. Stetsons have been a symbol of virtue and freedom. Whatever your needs might be, whatever your style, for the ranch, the beach or even a night around the town, we have the best Stetson for you. Made of wool, leather or straw, the cowboy hat can be worn anywhere on the globe. A cowboy hat is known to protect from weather conditions but nowadays, more than ever, it is so much in fashion…

When you go out for a stroll to enjoy the beautiful landscape nothing can compare to the sense of freedom and independence that the earth and the sky offer.

Before you set off, the only thing you have to do is let your jeans slide into a pair of perfect, comfortable cowboy boots that will keep your spirits high at all times.

Don’t let anybody steal this feeling away from you; put on your cowboy boots for a stroll in the wild, in the city, on the ranch, in the morning or in the evening.

Nothing feels better than a comfortable pair of jeans. At work, when out for a walk, for the sake of fashion, if you enjoy riding a horse or even a chopper motor bike, we have the best jeans for you. Jeans are as unique as people who wear them.

Jeans have been created by Jacob Davis and Levi-Strauss in 1873. They immediately brought the idea of cowboys in mind, the idea of horses, the idea of freedom. Not only do they express ourselves, our personality but they also make us feel comfortable and free.