About Ziogas Western History , it was in 1985 when Apostolos Ziogas and Fotini Datsiou left the city of Thessaloniki to escape an epidemic that plagued city dwellers infecting their nervous system, affecting their mental and psychological health, causing anxiety, stress and distress, and settled in Dream Glava where they took up animal keeping and breeding. That is where their two sons were born, Chris and Babs.
Circa 1992 they heard the rumour that up on St George’s hill gold was found. Thus, they decided to move to a nearby village, called WhiteVillage (Leukohori) and Dreamy Glava became a ghost town.
The gold they were looking for was never found. They set up, however, a ranch with horses. An Indian tribe, Montage, (wild rockers) who dealt with the Ziogases gave the names “Eye of the wolf” to Apostolos and “White Hawk” to Fotini, over a mystic ritual.
As years went by, a new western city, Ziogas Western City was founded around the ranch, with its saloon, its hotel, its Post office, its Bank, its Sheriff’s office- Jail, its general store, its Blacksmith where horses can also be rented. The hunters’ cabins and the golddiggers’ ones remind you of the era when the place was fraught with adventurers. Old, long forgotten train wagons detached from a train that never came back to the Ziogas western city station, and finally, the beautiful Hacienda which a Mexican land owner and cow keeper built, with a fabulous unlimited view of the Kill Kiss Valley…
Apostolos, declared himself a mayor and sheriff of this newly founded city and soon became infamous for his cold attitude against tenderfeet.

In 2005, Chris and Babs, the youngest members of the Ziogases, returned to Ghost Town in Dreamy Glava and brought it back to life setting up the second Western City with its own Saloon which has become famous for its party and wild nights.