School trips since 1996

Ziogas Western City offers wonderful conditions for successful school trips.

Get out of the classroom- come to the adventure!

We started up an educational program for kids, entitled“An introduction to the world of horses”.Teaching is much better when it takes place where things actually happen: when you hear the sounds –neighing- and the smells!!! The remarkable natural environment and the wild landscape of Mount Clepe.

Visits usually take place in the mornings. After our warm welcome, we move to the theoretical part of the course, a lecture- diving deep into the mysteries of the lives of horses, which lasts for about 45 minutes. It’s a lesson that includes questions so children can be attentive and it holds their interest since they can actively participate.

The programme here has a lot to promise us......

10-minute-break and activities start!

1. Horseback ridingon fenced areas.
2. Archery
3. Shooting
4. Touring around Ziogas Western City and Z-Deadwood City Zoo Park

All these activities take place under the supervision ofexperienced people while teachers can follow their own program with their students. There may be a light snack with one beverage or juice and a toast or hot dog.

If there is spare time the children can play football in the arena or under the trees.

Prices are:

Horseriding: 3€ | Archery: 2€ | Shooting: 2€ |Snack: 2€

The lecture-lesson and the touring is offered free of charge by Ziogas Western City.As far as the activities are concerned, you get to choose them yourselves.

P.S. Be prepared for a day that your children will remember for many years to come!