Starting at 8 in the morning you can enjoy the best coffee in saloon with the magnificent view of Ziogas Western City and St George’s hill.

Later on, at the bar you can find anything for the thirsty cowboy hidden inside you. An excellent choice of drinks, whisky mainly (the “spicy” water) and beers. . many beers.

In a warm and cosy western place listening to country music, old favourite rock and blues songs coming from our rich collection, you can travel to the Wild West for a while and get away from the city roads.

For those who want to get a bite to eat we offer what cowboys used to eat on their quests and trails leading their herds from the west to the east: special omelets, a wide variety of sausages, fried bacon, beans, rice and more that will satisfy your hunger as long as you have no irrational demands.

Spend your time pleasantly, playing backgammon, cards, betting on our old foosball table, chatting with the other friends/customers/patrons, discussing your riding skills and experiences, enjoying the great music and the wonderful sunset.