The routes to Ziogas Western City are unbelievable and worth a try!
The “short” trail for youngsters or even teens, around the ranch, the first connection with the horse. All horses are accompanied by experienced instructors.

“Cofto”(The shortcut) is a trail of about 20 minutes. We climb up St George’s hill and right before the peak we set on our way back. The view is extraordinary. The team is accompanied by experienced instructors who either walk next to the horses or ride on them.

“Pefkakia”(The pine trees) is a trail of about 45 minutes but it can be less if we gallop for long. The trail is exquisite. The team is accompanied by a number of instructors depending on the number of the riders and their lever of riding skills.

Extreme pefkakia(Extreme pine trees), Vrahos (the “Rock”), extreme vrahos (rock), dasaki (the “woods”), all are trails for more experienced riders or more adventurous beginners.

On the all-day trip we spend 6-8 hours on the horses. We will visit the foothills of Crucia and barbequethere. After we get some rest we will set on our way back. The barbeque is included in the price. The all-day trip takes place only on weekdays on condition that the weather be good.

Small: 5€ | Cofto: 10€ | Pefkakia: 15€ | Extreme pefkakia: 18€ | Vrahos: 20€ | Dasaki: 25€ | All-day trip: 80€

Attention: You approach, touch and ride our horses under your own responsibility.